Dare to wear a red skirt

red and whiteAs a fashion stylist I often get to reorganize  my clients’ cupboard. We discard what no longer fits and shop for new items to enhance their best attributes. While doing so, I am often surprised to discover that many women shy away from bright colors, especially the color red. I think red is a fabulous color that could suit women of all complexions. Furthermore, red  is a very versatile color and would match many looks and combinations.

black side bag I am wearing a red skirt with white and black and some extra fun colors in the sandals. I can think of many other ways to wear this red skirt:

-with a colorful shirt that has a similar red shade in it.

-with a white T, a blue jacket and a yellow bag for fun.

- with an evening elegant and feminine  black top

- and even with a jeans jacket and a bright scarf

colorful shoes

If you do not yet own a red skirt, treat yourself to one and play around. Dare to have fun!

black bag

red sunglassesThank you so much for reading. Hope you have a great week!

Also many thanks to my photographer Keren Nimrod Malka


What I am wearing: top – Koton ; skirt – Asos (see all these amazing red skirts from Asos); sandals - Caligula (old) .